Wiki talklist national parks canada

wiki talklist national parks canada

Official " National Parks " are the one administered by Parks Canada, under the authority of the National Parks Act.
National Parks of Canada are protected natural spaces throughout the country that represent distinct geographical regions of the nation. Under the.
Untitled[edit]. Whn I look at Ontario, there are a lot of items listed that are not in [[1 ]] why? 15 August 2006 (UTC). The main Parks Canada site only lists NHSs administered by Parks Canada. .. National Historic Site of Canada — As discussed at Talk:List of National Historic Sites of Canada #Conversion to..

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wiki talklist national parks canada

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  • I have also been putting my mind other directory lists: List of Canadian protected areas and Lists of parks in Canada.
  • In this case, a number of sites simply appear to have been delisted. The goal of the national park service is to create a system of protected areas which represent all the distinct natural regions of the country.
  • Web server is. If Fathom Five for example, is titled as a Marine Park, why is it listed as a NMCA?

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