Wiki constitution party united states

wiki constitution party united states

The Constitution Party is a conservative United States political party. According to its website, the party supports "the principles of the.
The Constitution Party supports every state's switching to a system of electoral vote distribution similar to that used by Maine and Nebraska.
Main article: Constitution Party (United States) Party is a small national political, right-wing party in the United States...

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Retrieved from " He received over one million votes in the election. New York University Press. Gambling "We are opposed to government sponsorship, involvement in or promotion of gambling such as lotteries, casinos or subsidization of Native American casinos. Domestic federal aid "We call upon the states, therefore, to decline to accept all monies from the federal government for any purpose not specifically and clearly articulated in the Constitution, and reject all federal mandates and regulations which are unconstitutional, thus restoring the intended balance of power between the states and their creation, the U. The Constitution Party claims to be the "philosophical home" of the Tea Party.
wiki constitution party united states

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