What those warning lights

what those warning lights

This means more indicators and warning lights in the dash for all the If either of these scenarios are the case, please call us at BMW of Cincinnati North at.
Vehicle warning or indicator lights are not new but what these lamps are telling us has changed along with vehicle technology.
What does that dashboard light mean? We?ve got your answers. Visit the Toyota dashboard lights and symbols guide. Electric power steering warning light..

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What does the "Brake Light on my Instrument Cluster" mean? In most cases, these lights illuminate to indicate a looming problem so you have time to address the issues before they become more serious and damaging to your vehicle. A vehicle door is open. Your oil level is low. Dash lights are nothing new, but the messages are. What does the "Check Engine Light" mean? Indicates the engine computer has set a Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC. Automatic Headlamp Dimmer Indicator Symbol, more here.

How to reset warning lights on BMW 3 WATCH THE AD Please!

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You and other have saved this vehicle others have saved this vehicle. Never turn off the ESP system as it is only there to help you control the vehicle in prevailing road conditions. The following symbols are intended to point out routine needs for your vehicle. New to our site?. For all passengers safety we recommend that you have this concern looked at by a authorized dealer as soon as possible! ALWAYS check your vehicle specific owners manual to verify meaning of each warning light.

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Recent Posts — Should Speed Control Be Used in the Rain? Already a savings customer? An amber light is also used in some vehicles to warn when the oil level is getting low and a top up is required. Rear Fog Light - it is activated and remains on once the driver turns on the fog beams.

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KIDS COUNTING CONTROVERSY MICHELLE DUGGAR FORBIDS PREGNANT JILL HELPING UNMARRIED MOTHER Want to know what that pesky warning light means to your car? Take your vehicle to a dealer or garage as soon as possible, what those warning lights. Some vehicles will allow manual reset of TPMS warning light and others will require professional diagnosis. Read More Should a safety system light such as the ABS and SRS airbag warning lights not come on when you start the hybrid system, this could mean that these systems are not available to help protect you in an accident, which could result in death or serious injury. This symbol may also be used to warn driver of a traction control problem, or a communication problem between modules. We start with the most serious of the symbols and move in a rough descending order of importance.