What into comment page

what into comment page

You can enable/disable comments on future posts and pages by going into your Discussion settings. If you have more than one site, go to My Sites and select.
Comment Likes: how to like others' comments and control how Comment Likes although you can control whether Comment Likes display on your site. blog must have Comment Likes enabled and you must be logged into banijamrah.info.
The Disqus platform powers both comments and native ads and premium content, the Sponsored Story weaves into the discussion experience on your site...

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If the Comments sidebar is open, move the pointer over the comment marker or highlight, then read the comment in the sidebar. For example, to show the number of comments on banijamrah.info , use this code: The number of comments on a given URL can be accessed by using the Graph API. Setting Up Public Access. Creating your Technical Documentation Space. Configuring an Oracle Datasource in Apache Tomcat. Recently Viewed Pages and Blog Posts. Changing the Site Title.
what into comment page

Share a Page or Blog Post. Manage comments in the Comments sidebar. Search If you can't find what you're looking for, open a support request and we'll get back to you. If a comment isn't approved, the comment will only be visible to the commenter until a moderator approves the comment. Like the posts and Pages screens, the Comments screen supplies a Bulk Action dropdown box. Setting Up Trusted Communication between JIRA and Confluence. Hierarchical File System Attachment Storage.

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In this moderation view, all comments for a specific url will be displayed. Creating a Blueprint-Style Report. Configuring a Server for Outgoing Mail.

what into comment page

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INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES STUDENTS Generating a Heap Dump. Linked Applications Loading… Dashboards Getting Associate rosen. To remove a highlight, move the pointer over the highlighted text, then click Delete in the comment that appears. Applying a Theme to a Site. Start typing a friend's name into the input box and a typeahead will help you select the person you want to make a moderator. You can also resolve inline comments once the conversation's finished, and reopen them at any time if they're needed. Confluence Home and other important directories.
Religions articles american presbyterian missionaries zirinsky Create a Personal Space. Installing Confluence on Windows. The selected text is highlighted and a comment opens. Add your language Comments allow your website's visitors to have a discussion with you and each. Displaying Pages with Label Macros. Comments Plugin Configurator Moderation Settings Adjust Language FAQs Step-by-Step. To read a comment, click the comment marker.
Right poster propaganda white nationalism For each app, you can define custom settings. Type your comment in the comment field at the bottom of the page. You can add a comment at the bottom of any page or blog post, or add an inline comment to specific text on the page. To scroll the sidebar or the document so you can see both the change and its corresponding text, click the sidebar entry or the change in the document, what into comment page. You can close a thread in the URL Settings menu. Link to a comment.