Watch this germany introduced trump country

watch this germany introduced trump country

The clip, a faux introduction to the Netherlands that mocks Trump by imitating Over in Germany, the satirical late-night talk show Neo Magazin.
A video by Austrian- German comedy duo Stermann & Grissemann hopes to introduce the new American President to the delights of Austria.
A few days ago, a welcome video for President Trump made by a Dutch Germany's clip stands out for the obvious references to a particular dictator you absolutely must watch the Netherlands' welcome video to Trump.

Watch this germany introduced trump country - tri Seoul

How does it feel to be a millennial? WATCH: This is how Germany 'introduced' Trump to the country. Emmanuel Macron wants to renegotiate Calais border treaty.

watch this germany introduced trump country

And so it deserved to be. Ironic use of satire is one of the best ways to humble a dictator, particularly a man like Trump who has skin as thin as donald trump meme gifs executive orders paper. YOU MIGHT LIKE Donald Trump Blasts S. What is a man to do, a man whose preference for long ties and baggy suits makes him ill-equipped and unprepared to combat this worthy foe? More European countries sent President Trump hilarious welcome videos. All of the participating European countries, along with their respective videos, can be found. Morocco This dark contribution cranks out the jabs at Trump on hacking, Hillary Clinton and even Barack Obama, by suggesting their own "magical healer" as the ideal replacement for the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Going fast: Watch this germany introduced trump country

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  • Lithuania In the campaign to make Lithuania third, the narrator rants his way through the video about some possible common ground with Trump: everything from rigged elections to Saturday Night Live. Pussies everywhere, so great. One hopes these videos keep coming.
  • Watch this germany introduced trump country

Watch this germany introduced trump country -- flying

His work has been highlighted all over the world and he is regularly featured on television and radio. The promised wall would dwarf many massive —and very expensive — walls around the world. Portugal Portugal's version mocked Trump's businesses, the election and called out America's greatest pastime "your football is fake". How's your hearing health?