Upsides liberal arts education

upsides liberal arts education

Recent research suggests that a liberal arts education can have a positive impact on graduates' leadership, ethics, and fulfillment in life.
I believe a liberal - arts education is the best preparation a young about cost and career benefits by creating new, specialized courses that.
There are several benefits to gaining a liberal arts education, including learning workplace skills. Find out why you should consider a liberal..

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Its true worth is measured in lifetimes. Group withdraws applications to convert remaining traditional schools in New Orleans to charters. What About Skills Training? We teach them to take intellectual risks and to think laterally—to understand how the humanities, the arts and the sciences inform, enrich and affect one another. Through the years, the breadth, depth, flexibility, and rigor of American liberal-arts education has produced better lives, and so many leaders in virtually every field of human endeavor. One possible solution for the future of career and technical education. Science, Sociology , Creative Arts Fine Art, Theatre, Speech, Creative.

upsides liberal arts education

Speak with friends, relatives. Even students in professional majors such as nursing or accounting benefit from a solid foundation in the liberal arts. Communication skills are greatly valued in the workplace, and they can also increase your quality of life. In gaining a liberal arts education, you will learn to understand the characteristics upsides liberal arts education effective communication and the contextual factors that influence individuals. Why Study the Liberal Arts? Currently, she is studying communication with a minor in marketing. A Liberal Arts Degree: Smart Move. Click here to find a different degree program, upsides liberal arts education. A liberal arts education is designed to educate you on a variety of topics, rather than training you to succeed in one specific job at a specific point in time. Classes are smaller than at large research universities. Liberal education teaches students how to think. Admissions officers can help you get into the areas of. Communications Major, College of Humanities and Social Sciences Looking to earn a degree that can prepare you for a wide variety of fields? We cover inequality and innovation in education with in-depth journalism that uses research, data and stories from classrooms and campuses to show the public how education can be improved and why it matters. You take core classes in fields like sociology, anthropology, mathematics and science to build a foundation that prepares you for life in the real world. In her free time, she enjoys staying active and spending time with her family and marry internationally nationally.