Topic atik what level flats

topic atik what level flats

Dusk Sky Flats with Atik - posted in CCD Imaging & Processing: Hi Group topic starter; Posts: 399; Joined: 16 Feb 2008 flat image has ADU value of about 30 000 ADU (or 1/3 to 1/2 uf the saturation level of the ccd).
topic starter; Posts: 270; Joined: 11 Feb 2015 When I have something like this my first step is to inspect my flats, then try to combine . This target was captured using the ATIK 428 EX OSC use Artemis Capture from ATIK.
What ADU for flats with Atik One 6.0 (694 chip) - posted in CCD Imaging be using for the ADU level on the 694 chip, or if possible, the Atik One 6.0 camera. topic starter; Posts: Joined: 20 Jul Loc: California.

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topic atik what level flats

Topic atik what level flats - - tour Seoul

My images tend to have this uneven shadows and whites that really scar them. It's capturing good ones that is harder than applying them! There's no astro photography system I know of that can avoid having to calibrate the images, using dark and light frames at least. When i received my camera and installed the filer in the filterwheel, i have notice that the filters do intrude on the corners of the CCD somewhat have predicted this issue.

topic atik what level flats

Topic atik what level flats -- journey

No need to do dedicated ones for each flat. If you do that test and there resulting image is perfectly flat, then try testing the light source you are using for your flats. I ususally check the histogram and keep it to the left third. To me getting the data is the easy part turning into a usable image is where the real challenge lies. I didn't see anything else he posted. I even have taken T-shirt flats under cloudy skies and still works great.

topic atik what level flats