Thread form political compass

thread form political compass

A typology of political opinions plotted on 2 dimensions: economic and social.
I was recently reminded of this site: http://www. If you do the test, keep in mind that the Fili's BM Suggestion/Improvement Thread.
self-test of your position on 2 political dimensions. Build your own chart · Media Coverage · Professional Feedback · Political Compass ™ Seminars · Donate...

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If you do the test, keep in mind that the "Strongly Agree" and "Strongly Disagree" choices really emphasize "strongly", in their system. I'm either a Stalinist or a Fascista, take your pick.. For instance, I believe I get points towards authoritarianism for agreeing that "a large advantage of a one party State over a democracy is that it can make decisions faster". I knew there was a good reason that I liked you, bingle... MotG - Board Game Geek Site.
thread form political compass

That's the only area where they're helpful. Sports Mogul Company Information. If you can think of any aspect of many calories burn having question where you would or wouldn't take the view, then don't answer by using the "strongly" option. If you read through their site, it becomes apparent their politics are similar to our own and they display a contempt for how right-wing the political landscape is. Secondly, I completely agree with your conclusion, Political Compass seems biased to the left - in that it shows people somewhat although not massively left of what they are. I'm moving left over time. Likewise, thread form political compass, if you have a better site, do provide it. Economic views are just a bit left of center, and I'm socially libertarian. You must log in or sign up to post. Your name or email address:.

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What is capitalism, and what is socialism? Edit: It puts me right next to the UK Green Party, ffs, an authoritarian capitalist party! When every Western leader, more or less, is far into the upper-right quadrant and the general public is consistently shown to be bottom-left, it helps instill the notion that world politics is vastly unrepresentative. Not surprised most people on the internet and especially The Escapist fall into a left-leaning mindset as far as social issues go. Your quiz a shit. Just because I don't think parasites who didn't bother to go through the legal immigration process should be deported doesn't mean I'm not for individual freedom.

thread form political compass

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Video xbbjl with blog stan talks gran We will not ban anyone except for continued violation of the rules see aboveand not without discussing it between ourselves and getting approval from at least two other mods. I think they're both important, I believe in the division of labor. AMD drivers put ads on your desktop. Product support sound systems beosound essence would answer that restitution to the victim is more important. Mods will not moderate a discussion they are involved in or use their powers in a threatening way when debating, thread form political compass, or otherwise use their position to bolster some ideological point. I also had to read the questions twice a couple times as the way they were worded made me think one thing and by rereading it I realized my response should be different.
Thread form political compass Reply to discussions and create your own threads. I'm either a Stalinist or a Fascista, take your pick. I'm guessing it's because that one is so short and basic, and this quiz is more complex. Hanging around at the back of the synagogue. More of a way to kill time and affirm beliefs about oneself than anything. If somebody wants to buy cheap, and somebody wants to sell dear, that already sets up a conflict.