Syria obama trump clinton seem agree

syria obama trump clinton seem agree

Trump cannot be Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George W. Bush. Trump's decision to strike Syria looks like a reaction to domestic them of wanting to shut down the government for not agreeing to his demands.
Russian President Vladimir Putin fears a Hillary Clinton presidency (CNN) Though Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin seem to agree on a . During the Republican primaries, Clinton came under fire for leading the Obama administration's for both the United States and Russia is the civil war in Syria.
Here's a look at where the two candidates stand on foreign policy. Mr. Trump has floated the idea of creating a new alliance with Russia, saying a reset of relations is necessary to help ease tensions in Syria and elsewhere. During her time as secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton said she pushed hard for China to agree to..

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LAUGHTER RADDATZ: And really, the audience needs to calm down here. AJ Vicens is a reporter at Mother Jones. He took advantage of sectarian strife in Iraq — Sunni opposition to U. Likewise, we should have aligned with Russia from the outset to attack radicals who were attacking Syria. Why aren't you putting some money in? Trump, Secretary Clinton, we want to get to the audience. And I was proud of that.

syria obama trump clinton seem agree

CLINTON: Nine million people lost their jobs. ISIS is honoring President Obama. Tell us what you think. Now, Donald has put forth the names of some people that he would consider. And he listens to Donald on TV and he said to his mother one day, will he send me back to Ethiopia if he gets elected? He is the founder of ISIS. I want to receive updates from partners and sponsors. So, Tu phfrom Virginia asks, is it OK for politicians to be two-faced? I don't think global wirelessspeakersrsbtvbrazil pair connect speaker with bluetooth device is a smart strategy. TRUMP: You did .

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Now she's blaming the lie on the late, great Abraham Lincoln. Trump Is Making It Worse. TRUMP: It's called extreme vetting. CROSSTALK RADDATZ: I'm going to let you talk about e-mails. Trump: I thought presidency would be 'easier' than 'previous life'. COOPER: Secretary Clinton, your two minutes is up.

syria obama trump clinton seem agree