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Information relating to Academic Support and Guidance at the University. you are a student at the University of Southampton is your Personal Academic Tutor.
Page 1 approved by the Academic Policy Committee in December It applies to for guidance lies with the student, but on the understanding that clear arrangements 2.1 Each student must be allocated a personal support tutor at the start of their be clearly publicised to students, academic and administrative staff.
Information relating to the administration of teaching: award maps; module The Centre for Academic Practice is a unique resource for students, where you A link to the tutoring pages on the Centre for Recording Achievement's (CRA) website. . Link to useful guidance relating to student support procedures, including...

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Medical Coding And Billing Certificate. Your Personal Tutor is a member of academic staff familiar with your general area of study and the expectations of academic work in your discipline. Your Personal Tutor will invite you to these meetings either by MyEd or by email. While your Personal Academic Tutor should always be your primary point of contact, you may also arrange to meet with your Senior Tutor to discuss any matter which may be affecting your academic progress. These should include subject experts, other experienced colleagues, and the University's wider support services, depending on individual circumstances. These requirements are drafted with undergraduate students primarily in mind. General Office Assistant Certificate. A financial aid advisor at EBI can help you determine for which programs you may qualify.

Academic support is designed to help you. Use of research into student differential outcomes to design effective staff development resources Enhancements to the online system: does it need to be student facing, extended into PGR, data analytics to predict interventions needed. Students who are on academic probation or who are failing two or more courses meet with the Director individually. If the problem persists you can find support at Community Forum Error code:. All administrative Student Support is provided by the Informatics Teaching Organisation ITOwho can autoconstruction terrasse bois douglas meleze contacted by the Web ticketing system please use this wherever possibletelephone or in person. The Personal Tutor system will provide you with a named member of academic staff, your Personal Tutor, who will support you throughout your time at the University, giving you academic support and a route to pastoral support, studentadmin academic support guidance personal tutorpage. The about hands tutor should also discuss whether it would be appropriate to provide the student with some reading whilst on leave of absence, to provide support and advice on preparation for their return to study and monitor their progress during the first few months following their return. Some tutors prefer that you email them directly, while others prefer that you use the Personal Tutor channel on MyEd. Personal Tutors should be aware of procedures to be followed if students fail to attend scheduled meetings for example, what efforts should be made to contact the student, who else should be alerted if the student is not responding, what checks should be made on the student's work. Financial Aid Financial aid is available in the form of loans, grants and other programs. What issues can I raise studentadmin academic support guidance personal tutorpage my Personal Academic Tutor? General advice and guidance should be provided alongside effective signposting to specific skills development opportunities. You are being redirected to another page. The Informatics Head of Student Services, Neil Heatley has wide experience of student support across the University, and is happy to help with any difficulty you may experience. How can I work best with my Personal Academic Tutor? If your Personal Tutor has not told you which, then use whichever method you prefer. Current students and staff.

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  • Records of other meetings may be kept where it is agreed by the tutor and the student that matters discussed warrant such action.
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All administrative Student Support is provided by the Informatics Teaching Organisation ITO , who can be contacted by the Web ticketing system please use this wherever possible , telephone or in person. Recommendation of present EBI student. The terms of your relationship should be an agreement between you and your tutor, and you should feel free to talk to your tutor about the kind of help that you need. During your early years at the University your School will schedule meetings to enable you to settle in and build a rapport with your Personal Tutor. Please take advantage of, and engage with, these support opportunities. General Office Assistant Certificate. Scholarships for undergraduate students. Institute of Advanced Studies.

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Business Administration — Financial Services. You will also have one further scheduled individual meeting with your Personal Tutor during the research part of your degree programme.