Story these differences between clinton trumps plans

story these differences between clinton trumps plans

Among their many differences, the Republicans and the Democrats have widely divergent ideas about taxes. Here's what the parties and their.
Featured Stories Sharp differences between Clinton and Trump on education The Republican presidential nominee added plans for education to his . Clinton has not detailed in depth on how she would pay for these.
Donald Trump laid out his economic plan on Monday - here's how it he will pay for these cuts, other than saying the changes will boost the economy and that...

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Mrs Clinton, on the other hand, wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, increase spending on job training and lower taxes on companies that hire more Americans. And we will fix TSA at the airports, which is a total disaster.

Clinton: "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten. Email comments and suggestions for fact-checks to truthometer or find us on Facebook ,and Twitter. This might bore you, but the following story on the presidential election does not address beauty queens, philandering husbands or moda adolescentes room talk. Clinton: Comparing the Speeches. She wants to increase access to language programs to help immigrants improve their English skills. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have laid out their visions for the US economy and, unsurprisingly, they are very different. Reducing the corporate tax rate to be level with or below the rates charged by other industrialized nations. Education : Although Obama has embraced tough accountability measures for public schools, and has clashed with Democratic teachers unions, Clinton seems much more union-friendly, emphasizing investment in buildings and teachers rather than accountability. Because interest rates are low right nowhe has said, it is a great time to borrow. Her primary strategy for generating growth boils down to government investment—in infrastructure, story these differences between clinton trumps plans, clean energy, scientific research and higher education, as well as subsidies for child care and guaranteed family leave to help modern families in which both parents work. Donald Trump unveiled his economic vision in a Detroit speech Monday, tackling jobs, wages and … child care. Barrier reef cam from the Georgia Aquarium. Who Pays for Politifact. But Trump has left a lot more white space in his agenda, white space that he could conceivably fill later, but could also be filled by the Republican Congress or his underlings. So what would that mean? Bush era—also tend to believe that Trump-style protectionism generates recessions. The manufacturing industry has become fertile ground in "story these differences between clinton trumps plans" election season where populist candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have been unexpectedly successful.

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Mark Levin: The difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on different issues

Story these differences between clinton trumps plans - - tour

Many Republicans — and, importantly, the Chamber of Commerce , which has given heavy financial support to Republican candidates — support free trade. Dow Jones Industrial Average. She's proposed an infrastructure bank — an idea that has been around in Washington for decades now at times, with bipartisan support , though it has been more of a Democratic cause in recent years but that continually fails to gain much traction.

story these differences between clinton trumps plans

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It includes strong protections against currency manipulation, tariffs against any countries that cheat by unfairly subsidizing their goods, and it includes a renegotiation of NAFTA. He also calls Clinton a shyster who should be in jail. Now on ABC News. We will repeal and replace disastrous Obamacare.

story these differences between clinton trumps plans