Story donald trump fact check message

story donald trump fact check message

Fact check: Trump keeps claiming he created U.S. jobs since Election Day. President Donald Trump, video message on Facebook, March 6.
More recently, we addressed the problem of bogus “ stories ” from fake news sites: “How Did Donald Trump tell People magazine in 1998 that if he ever ran for.
Trump delivered his message unfazed. Here are moments from Trump's speech, with added context and fact - checks. (We will update this story....

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Email comments and suggestions for fact-checks to truthometer or find us on Facebook ,and Twitter. We took a look at ExxonMobil's investment program, and a host of other corporate decisions that Trump falsely touts as a fulfillment of his promise to bring jobs back to the United States. Suggest a Fact Check. Have the best of VOA News delivered directly to your inbox each day. Also affected are millions of people who buy individual policies outside the government markets, and face the same high premiums with no financial help from the health law. Keep up to date with PolitiFact. Gross domestic product growth — the engine of long-term economic prosperity — remains sluggish, and job gains have been relatively modest in scale compared to some previous recoveries. Medicare will pay a significant portion of observation care costs after copayments and deductibles are met.

story donald trump fact check message

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His iconic Make America Great Hats, though, are made in California. Republican governors whose states have expanded Medicaid are trying to find a way to persuade Congress and the administration to keep the expansion, and maybe even build on it, while imposing limits on the long-term costs of Medicaid. TRUMP: "We will provide massive tax relief for the middle class. We will update this story as more fact-checks are published.