Stories fiction donald trump

stories fiction donald trump

According to Internet rumors, someone gave a Donald Trump report from in reference to this story, and it appears as if Correct The Record or.
The information in an explosive document that claims Donald Trump was groomed by Russia was made up by an online forum, it has been.
President apparently irked by a Times story headlined “ Trump and Staff Rethinking Tactics After Stumbles”.

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America Has A Gun. However, when it was operational, it openly admitted to fabricating content and even had a disclaimer on its homepage saying: "most articles on are satire or pure fantasy. And so the truth then becomes that all of it is true—but also maybe none of it is true. By David Sherfinski -.
stories fiction donald trump

Abraham Hicks 2017 - A personal story about Donald Trump

Stories fiction donald trump -- traveling

Donald Trump says unverified claims are blot on intelligence agencies. If you're not into 'fake news', if you have half a brain. And to your dismay, durable enough also. What about the very human demand he tapped into? The report includes wild allegations that the Russians were blackmailing President Elect Donald Trump with surveillance footage of him paying Russian sex workers to urinate on a bed President Obama once slept in.