Snupe retro battle lyrics

snupe retro battle lyrics

Download music and mp3 Lil Snupe Vs Retro Rap Battle Lyrics on gratis terbaru.
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Rap Battle " from "Lil Snupe and Retro ": {LIL SNUPE }, You still talking nigga, Man I'm all about my cash flow, Nigga I'm the.
Nigga I'm the shit my mama had me out her ass hole. These pussy niggas be talkin' I swear to God I'll blast 'em. N dat bitch bite im worth a couple million I ain't tryna..

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Bow to your highness. Walkin down the dark road hard to get some fuckin light. Growin' up I watched all of my friends shake. See me I do my thang n my own lane if yo money so fuckin long. While you was doing homework, we was tryna get that work right. It's Lil Snupe in this bitch, I got my crew in this bitch. Walkin' down a dark road, it's hard to get some fuckin' light. Jail was his location so I had no motivation.

I hang out with the older cats so it was straight violence. See these niggas know I do this shit, stay out my lane. See im from lousianna where its just hell jones bro lousianna. Lyrics to "Lil Nigga Snupe" song by MEEK MILL: R. And game group merchant trade oriented games ball like Kobe and Paul Gasol. Put it all in the line.


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With Big Poppa in ratchet city, all the bitches get ratchet with me. Nigga I be eatin'. Do not download copyrighted material without permission. I be gettin' money with the same ol' game. Thats why they always disccusin me. MEEK MILL LYRICS - Lil Nigga Snupe.

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SOCIAL NETWORK SWANS ISLAND MAINE NETWORKING SITE My niggas from the west like Alonte. I swear my niggas gorilla. Uhh this right here ain't my say so baby leggo only women cus um at the top so why these niggas hatin. That's why y'all can't win and that's really comin' from Snupe. Nigga I be actin', nigga know that we mackin'. I take my women shoppin', I tell my ladies pick one.
Snupe retro battle lyrics Nigga I'm the shit my momma had me out her asshole. LIL SNUPE LYRICS - Take Over. So now um throwin money only time this hoees can get a dolla from me. Profiles history out here sellin' tabs, sellin' bars, sellin' green. Your money thin as an eye lid and we mob shit like Italian.
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