Programs political simulations city maxiopolis

programs political simulations city maxiopolis

AIMS OF THE SIMULATION: introduce students to the world of election politics. help students develop a deeper understanding of how an election is.
Election and city council simulation games have been designed for classroom/ school political role-play. Thus, the Institute's current work focuses on three broad.
Since 1996 the Institute has worked with Townsend Harris High School to develop Other curriculum development projects include “ Maxiopolis ”‚ a City Council...

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Some Polsims take place internationally, whereas others take place on the state or local levels. Which policy position or person does it favor? If there is a photograph, what impression does it convey? TAFT Institute for Government.. Summarizing the pros and cons or the contending positions. Ask the librarian how to find information about that group. Works to keep each member of the group on track.