Norway road trip itinerary

norway road trip itinerary

Most visitors book this trip through Norway in a Nutshell for other snacks for the upcoming road trip you will embark on for the next two days.
The hike is four miles round trip, the shortest on this itinerary. . Ladder), a switchback road that is one of the most popular drives in Norway.
I will be in Norway from May 25 through to June 1st and I have a Hi there, I am keen to know how your Norwegian road trip went and the....

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Boutique Hotels in Norway. Actually, the only road hazard you may encounter might be a cow or two wandering too close to the road. Looking for a rental car in Norway? In Alesund, climb the hill to the viewpoint over the city…it is worth it for the view! If you have to choose between the cruise and Romsdalseggen, I vote for Romsdalseggen…if you have good weather it is a phenomenal hike. Things to do: There is a lot to do in Bergen, beginning with a stroll of the harbor and the scenic Bryggen. Floyen, overlooking Bergen, Norway.

norway road trip itinerary

Where does the tour end? Destination Expert for Bergen, Norway. Once finished in Trump makes choice secretary education, you have a two and a half hour drive to Eidfjord, a tiny town located near Hardangerfjord. Regarding the train from Andalsnes back to Oslo, can it all be booked as one ticket from the nsb website Rauma railway? The ferry from Hellesylt took us through the scenic Geirangerfjord with views of the famous waterfalls including the seven sisters waterfalls. Eastern Norway road trip itinerary in One Week. Parts of the Golden Route, particularly the high roads, close when the first snow. Event park series language was raining and very overcast and the visibility was terrible, "norway road trip itinerary". As we pass through these no-food zones, we resort to our cooler and our camping stove. We visited during the summer mid-July. Trolltunga: A Fabulous Hike Packed with Incredible Scenery. GoPro shot from Aksla view point. The black-painted hull and straight bow, the polished wooden decks and brass fittings, remind me of a time when traveling the coast of Norway by boat was both the fastest and most comfortable option. Posted at the start of the hike is a route map and I just took a photo of this on my phone for reference. We like the idea of driving thru the Fjords to Geiranger. We are very much inspired to take trip to Norway after reading your blog and would be going along with this itinerary in the month of August. This is not an awful lot of driving. And do you have any recommendations? The first day you may want to go further than to Lillehammer. Just wondering what you did with your rental car if so, as we are also going to have a rental and are planning to continue on North as .

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Travel: On our final day in Bergen, we took our time packing and making our way to the airport. Thank you for all the details.

norway road trip itinerary

Travel: Norway road trip itinerary

ABOUT ELECTIONS VOTING CONSTITUENCIES One destination mentioned in this post. To provide you with the best experience, cookies are used on this site. Northern Lights: best time. Do you think we should book a hotel closer? As long as the universe exists, there is something to be created and something to be explored. There was a drop fee but its worth not paying to drive .
Norway road trip itinerary Your California Privacy Rights. Is Atlantic highway worth driving which I suppose you had not included in your itinerary. TripAdvisor Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Have an awesome time in Norway! For more details on hiking to Pulpit Rock, click. Plan your road trip to take in the main sights like Trollstigenbut explore the fjords, villages, coastal roads and landscape of Fjord Norway as you go and you'll find your own special memories. What do you want to do?
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