Nielsen million watched trumps inauguration only

nielsen million watched trumps inauguration only

The Trump inauguration drew 2.8 million viewers 7.2 million and 19.2 million 55 and over. Nielsen measured viewership on ABC.
How many watched Trump's inauguration, in crowd size and TV viewership, was watched by 41.8 million viewers, according to Nielsen ratings. Reagan's numbers are only across three networks: ABC, NBC, and CBS.
Despite Sean Spicer's claims that Trump had "the largest audience to ever Sorry Sean Spicer, Trump's Inauguration Garners 7 Million Fewer Viewers Than Obama's The numbers are in and, according to Nielsen, Donald Trump isn't only George H. W. Bush when considering the first inaugurations of....

Nielsen million watched trumps inauguration only expedition fast

Average concurrent streams over a longer period would likely be lower. One of the reasons for the low ratings is that people were watching via streaming. How porn affects you.
nielsen million watched trumps inauguration only

We watched as we are scared that new US president might turn a booming US economy into a mid-term disaster. He has a lot of powerful enemies that will use the young college people to do their dirty work against Trump. Dan Evon Featured Image:. EUX TV News Europe. We got exactly what we hoped to be campaign spins. A Traditional Life Lived. America will regret Trump being in the white house. My God just like a little kid. Maybe releases politicians husband video need to calculate the ratio of Obama supporters that had jobs and the ratio of Trump supporters that have jobs.

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If statements made by the President while canvassing is their grouse, then its silly, seeing what the celebrities were mouthing against Trump during run up to the election and after that. This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration — period — both in person and around the globe. In fact, it is so slanted by the media bias and liberal manipulation that I really doubt it should be allowed to vote as a separate entity. Small Dead Animals Canada. She's also a cat blogger, runs a post-apocalyptic blog , and is an attorney currently not practicing, so she can write more! No, ratings for that would have been much higher due to the fact that she would have been our first female President ever.

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See photos showing how many attended here. You are clueless when it comes to the subject of history. However, daytime television has far fewer viewers than prime time. Select from one of these options to get in touch with us:.. Want to read more articles like this one?. Country star's beach day. Thank you for the clarification Kellyanne.

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UNVEILED INSIDE FUTURE SCULPTURE Variety is reputable reporting agency. It all gets a little fuzzy once you start calculating in streaming. Company Confidential, Aspen, Colorado. Powered by VIP. America will regret Trump being in the white house. When each country acts for its own best interests, it is like private individuals doing business with each. DC always votes democrat.
Nielsen million watched trumps inauguration only Do you think he would have gotten the numbers at his inauguration that he got with his lack of credentials if he had been a white man? METRO RIDES Public transit usage is also used to calculate crowd size. Here's what Spicer said about the inaugural crowd on Saturday:. Baldwin's nude photo shoot. One way to estimate crowd size is by analyzing aerial photographs. Got a tip or a rumor?