News article saucy benny hill kept stamps

news article saucy benny hill kept stamps

The comedian, Benny Hill, famous for chasing scantily clad women in his Should benny have been kept off the stamp? Article Photo.
The Royal Mail rejected a postage stamp featuring Benny Hill because his saucy antics Skip to article ; Skip to navigation Benny Hill with Hill's Angels: Benny Hill stamp was rejected by Royal Mail. Benny The Benny Hill Show was one of several suggestions for a set of stamps Top news galleries.
Britian's postal service has rejected " Benny Hill " for a stamp because his girl- chasing ways are no longer politically correct. Royal Mail, as the..

News article saucy benny hill kept stamps -- going easy

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news article saucy benny hill kept stamps

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Benny Hill - World of Sport (1976)

News article saucy benny hill kept stamps expedition Seoul

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