Light your dashboard

light your dashboard

If an indicator light on your dash is on, visit your local AutoZone store to get the best products and information to help keep your vehicle running in top condition.
If you see any of the following symbols on your dashboard, take no chances. Engine Oil Level or Oil Pressure Warning Light Symbol, more here, Low Oil Level.
Read our guide to car dashboard warning lights and understand what they mean and how you might be able to stop the warning light coming on in your car.

Light your dashboard -- flying

Check your oil levels with a dipstick and add motor oil if needed. Professional help should be sought if oil level is correct and light continues to show. If you are not able to get your car to start, we advise that you call for a tow. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. light your dashboard

When in doubt, have a professional check it. Don't drive the vehicle—an engine with low oil pressure can be ruined in a matter of seconds. No matter what you want when it comes to your automotive needs we can help. What it means: There is an issue with your anti-skid system, and it may be shut off completely. If you continue to drive under these conditions you could do serious damage to your engine. Can cause the vehicle to go into limp home mode when illuminated and requires professional attention. High Beam on Indicator Symbol, more. If your light stays on, we advise that you call for a tow. Switching off your engine and light your dashboard for two minutes. Tyre Pressure Monitor - inflate tyres to correct pressure displayed in owners manual muppet characters ranked reset light if required to extinguish.

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  • Battery Test Windshield Wiper Installation Code Retrieval Alignment Check Brake Inspection except CA. Not Sure What you Need? If the light is on continuously, try resetting your engine management system by:.
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D.I.Y. - How To Install LED Dash Lights

Light your dashboard journey

Buy Online Pick Up In Store. If you are not able to get your car to start, we advise that you call for a tow. At The KEY , we have a huge selection of quality used cars for sale that are guaranteed to serve you well for years. The Airbag Light indicates that there may be an issue with the deployment of your air bags. Check Engine Light Help. When something goes wrong with your car or if a feature you should know about gets activated, a signal funnels through the electrical system and into the dashboard. The ECM has many levels of reduced power depending on what component has failed in its control system.

light your dashboard

Light your dashboard going

This light indicates that your engine is in danger of overheating, a potentially serious problem. Make sure you check your handbook to be on the safe side. Rarely does an engine become so gunned up that an oil passage is blocked to the point of reducing oil pressure, but it can happen. When in doubt, have a professional check it out.

light your dashboard

Tour fast: Light your dashboard

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