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Content Grouping lets you group content into a logical structure that reflects how you think about your site or app, and then view and compare aggregated  Missing: images ‎ sswg ‎ stephanson ‎ mascia.
Each content grouping contains multiple content groups. A content Note: I added this custom report to the Google Analytics solutions gallery.
of nature conservation interventions either between sites or groups, .. Below are the links to the authors' original submitted files for images. Google Scholar; Stephanson SL, Mascia MB: Putting people on the Washington, D.C: Society of Conservation Biology SSWG Working . Table of Contents..

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For a SaaS site, create groups for different kinds of marketing content. The percentage of people that see checkout pages might be very small, but I like to put these pages in their own group. Content Groupings are very powerful in structuring and analyzing your content performance in a smarter way. Thanks a lot for your support! Google Scholar Secretariat for the Convention on Biological Diversity: Convention on Biological Diversity. International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Application pages: The other side to a SaaS site is the actual application.

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The questionnaire was developed to capture key descriptive information about the article and framed according to the research questions relevant to this study. It may be blog pages, or other content. If you have not set up content groupings, please check out my post on how to set up Google Analytics content groupings. Provide a Content Grouping name for example, "Men" and click Enable Tracking Code. If you are familiar with Google Tag Manager and want to set it up via GTM I recommend to watch his video. All study designs will be included if they measure the effect of a conservation intervention including impact evaluations, econometrics analyses, case studies, and observational studies. In our example of, there might be multiple groups. Here is a very simple example using the page value metric and the content grouping dimension.

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Tell us how you like to learn! Configuration screens: Most apps have a configuration section. Notice at the top of the data table there is a selector for the primary dimension. Hi, I use Content groups functionality in Google Analytics by Tracking Code and I d like to know if Tableau can import this kind of data?

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