Healthy aging living tips

healthy aging living tips

Use this social media infographic to share tips for better health and aging, like choosing healthy food and doing exercise and fun activities.
Tips for aging well, including how to stay physically and emotionally healthy and Whatever your living or work situation, you shouldn't be alone day after day.
Aging can bring many health and physical changes. Find out how Here are some healthy aging tips that are good advice at any stage of life...

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These indicators are related to health status, health behaviors and compliance with preventative care recommendations and include the following:. Younger friends can reenergize you and help you see life from a fresh perspective. Go to bed earlier. Unfortunately, for many, aging brings anxiety and fear instead. Health in Aging Foundation. Take dance lessons, learn a new language, attend lectures at a local university, learn to play a musical instrument, or read a book.

For middle-age women, having one alcoholic drink a day may improve health and pave the way to a long life, a new study shows. Brain Foods Can your diet help deter dementia? One of the most important things you can do to stay healthy in your golden years is to maintain your sense of purpose by staying connected to people and things that matter to you. Phone or email contact is not a replacement for spending time with other people. Physical activity has also been linked to a decreased risk of dementia, she said.

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Older adults are at increased risk for certain types of crime , including burglary and fraud—identity theft, fake check and wire transfer scams, investment and credit card fraud and fake online charity solicitations. Reported disability physical, mental or emotional that limits activity or requires special equipment cane, walker, wheelchair, hearing-impaired telephone. The results showed that women who had an occasional drink, up to one per day, of any alcoholic beverage during middle age had better overall health when they grew older than women who did not drink at all, those who consumed more than two drinks a day, and those who had four drinks or more at one time. The longer you live, the more you lose. Make meals a social event. The truth is that you are stronger and more resilient than you may think. In the last two decades, people have not only been living longer but they also have been staying much healthier later in life, according to a recently released study.

healthy aging living tips