Grid threats power down drill conducted government

grid threats power down drill conducted government

Power Grid Down Drill To Be Conducted By US Government An electrical grid joint drill simulation is being planned in the United States, .. people to designated FEMA camps depending on what kind of threat you are, how.
H. System Restoration Drills and Training Exercises. . plans for restoration and recovery of the bulk power system following a widespread In conducting this review, the joint staff review team gathered information from a .. tasks in support of the restoration effort, including performing off -line power flow.
Off The Grid News reports the drill will take place November You can run and you can hide but you WILL be held accountable for you TREASONOUS  Missing: threats....

Grid threats power down drill conducted government - tri

In USA, destroy hv transformers around big cities will destroy economy at least… Look this french link Reply. That sure makes it hard for Massad agents to install a bug, spy ware and infect all the computers so that there can be a simultaneous fault, a coordinated attack on the computer system through the Webb. Power grid vulnerabilities are finally garnering some attention by government officials. Someone must organize a movement to place random RED BLUE AND YELLOW Stickers on the front drivers lower left corner of every vehicle in the country. It is all coming to light, and many are realizing we have been lied to for many years.

grid threats power down drill conducted government

A cyberattack on the power grid could leave millions of residents and key physical locations without power for an extended period of time. He was given the website that notice was on. What wealth will we take backall the gems and gold they have lyin around this country is bankrupt there is nothing to take. You sound like video best bordeaux wine experiences thinker and not a true believer. We are FAR more vulnerable than people know. There was no shortage of water. How long will the power be shut down for? What happened is ominous grid threats power down drill conducted government it reminded us that we should not believe ourselves immune to such an attack, even in the United States. It takes ONE programmer with access to the software that controls electrical distribution for a state. John THEN quickly said rather odd to me that IF…. If the goal of terrorists is to collapse our economy, then shutting down our electrical grid is where they would start. The drill is also being planned as conferences, studies and even works of fiction are raising near-apocalyptic visions of catastrophes involving the grid. Who can afford them on your own?