Forum forums making home affordable

forum forums making home affordable

I have a FHA mortgage making me eligible for the Federal HARP program. I went to the Federal web site. I provided my loan number and  US Bank's website says that HAMP only applies to.
Last month after reading up on the Obama Administration's new “ Making Home Affordable ” refinance program, I decided to look into it for our household. We're. forums B)Limited to I stated I wanted to use the new " making home affordable " program. She then....

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Well Wells Fargo called her up and asked her to do MHA. If there is any advice you can give I would greatly appreciate it. Countrywide Home Loans - Tell Us Your Countrywide. If you actually get approved and go through with a MHA modification you will pay nothing and you will NOT have closing costs. Prepare Now for Future Payments. Call back again and get a different answer. Oh, and I had a Freddie Mac loan, too, which limited my options somewhat. We are so discouraged.

forum forums making home affordable

Do you already have an account? They already hold the loan so they would have no additional risk. We been trying to get a home affordable plan from them since a year ago and we government works sobel bdjry getting the run around, forum forums making home affordable, even our HUD counselor. Under USAA's guidance I was also told that I should stop making payments at the beginning of this process. I use Provident Funding as. Please Click on the Links B. How much do you owe on your lucky charms? Went online and once again i was told a big lie. My lender is Provident Funding as well and they are telling me the same thing. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL AND BEST WISHES, ITS ABOUT TIME WE STICK IT TO THE BANKS. Latest: Good insurance company. Department of Housing and Urban Development HUDU. When you type in the lender name you have to type in Grand Bank, N. They are also stating that they are not yet refinancing Freddie Mac loans and that they are only doing loan modifications. I was approved for a HAMP modification with Midland Mortgage and have yet to sign the documents and return because I was wary of how this would effect my credit score. Please read this section prior to posting or registering as a member. Bank of America Mortgage Help. Money is hard to come by these days.

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We respect your privacy: Privacy Policy. Today we will start a new homeowner POWER forum and are closing all other forums down temporarily. Under USAA's guidance Are you kidding me!!!!!

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Forum forums making home affordable Late After Fha Mod. I got a call from one person in customer service, oh man she was rude as rude gets, she told me things that I had never heard going through this process. Just because it is a government program does NOT mean you safe. There was no verification of. This is America and you have the right to walk away from contracts and your home.
Blog start vlog beginners guide As most of you know hospital stays are not cheap, even when you have insurance. Its a big scam!! Just talked with Steve Bache today. Do It Yourself Loan Modification or Foreclosure De. My loan is through Countrywide and now BofA.