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Paris. Last updated: Le Mensch, Paris · Le Keller, Paris · Mec Zone, Paris · Full Metal, Paris · Bunker, Paris.
Paris, Le Keller Le Keller Every Thursday fist party, and also fist weekends. http://www. paris
Paris France. Fist party every GeoRSS-Logo. Paris , Le Mensch . Le Keller, Paris. 4 Votes. Fistival DeLuxe..

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Tagged fist party , gay sex-fetish-cruise bar-club , piss party. Because it is hard to judge somebody by a few pictures and some text in a profile, I prefer to meet guys during a fist party. I like to be dominant with other kinky guys. To complain afterwards will not help to keep it a safe sex party. He speaks English and is helpful and friendly. Bartenders were friendly but wanted a fee from the customers when leaving by saying that they are not standing here for nothing. Just a very few guys speak English. I did see fisting without cloves and did see someone get fuck without a condom while the crew bartender was walking around seeing if everyone was obeying the rules of safesex!

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