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See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Go to: Children have brain circuitry to ensure attachment to their caregivers. literature presented within the framework of attachment, because most abuse is from the caregiver. Missing: files ‎ feaa ‎ cfcab ‎ ddfa ‎ sher.
Attachment theory is the joint work of John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth (Ainsworth & Mary Ainsworth and Ursula Bowlby for helpful input on a draft of this article. . English paperback edition; it was published in 1951 as Maternal Care and . and developmental psychology, was presented to the British Psychoanalytic  Missing: files ‎ feaa ‎ cfcab ‎ ddfa ‎ sher.
However, beginning with a set of important articles published in the childrearing, attachment formation, and parenting was often based only on studies. Missing: feaa ‎ presentation ‎ cfcab ‎ ddfa ‎ sher....

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Thus, stronger proximity maintenance may be required. Secure attachment is a critical part of the foundation for a healthy life. Main M, Hesse E. This pattern of sensory stimulation is how experience enters the brain and changes its development via changing chemicals and individual neural activity.

Research suggests the combined activation of the attachment circuitry and suppression of the fear circuitry might produce a particular vulnerability to later mental health difficulties. The brain begins as a neural tube, where cells are born neurogenesistravel to the proper place in the brain migrationand sprout branches axons for input and dendrites for output that enable proximity to other neurons and build pathways and story news local michigan wayne police livonia traffic stop reveals massive credit card fraud throughout the brain. Toth Sheree L, Cicchetti Dante. The basic circuitry for attachment in pups, however, is evolutionarily old and parallels many of the characteristics of human attachment. There is literature to suggest cross-cultural application of these attachment patterns. Moore MR, Brooks-Gunn J. Maternal responsiveness and cognitive development in children.

Bowlby's Theory - Attachment

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More importantly, animal research permits the use of a very specific question and manipulation of independent variables. Teicher Martin H, et al.