Engineering liberal arts

engineering liberal arts

Why should I study engineering at a liberal arts school? That's the real question, isn't it? Consider the response in the box from William A. Wulf, president of the.
Engineering and Liberal Arts. Why Choose Swarthmore Engineering? Are you curious about Swarthmore College's Engineering Department? Do you want to.
Guys, where can I find the list of Liberal Arts Colleges that offer Engineering Programs?....

Engineering liberal arts -- journey

There is also a five-year, two-degree program which allows students to earn an engineering and bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree or two engineering degrees. Many students opt to attend large universities on the basis of prestige, but big institutions lack the ability to offer one-on-one interaction between student and professor. Program Learning Objectives Graduates of the Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies program receive a solid foundation in engineering and scientific principles, as well as a cultural appreciation that supports them in careers requiring significant levels of technical and cultural fluency. engineering liberal arts