Educational tour london paris reviews

educational tour london paris reviews

Give your students a European perspective with student educational travel Reviews and Comments Rome, Paris and London Spain: The Grand Tour.
Both my son & I had a wonderful experience on our tour! The hotels were very nice, the food was wonderful and our tour guide was exceptional. There were.
The entire tour was so well put together. We were able to see so many things in such a short amount of time that we wouldn't have been able to see on our own..

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I was supposed to be interviewed by Hayley via Skype. If a student wandered off, she took it upon her shoulders to look for said student, even though it was the teacher chaperone's responsibility... She was also not disciplined when for MONTHS she did not update her medical information so we were still getting her bills... Some activities fall flat. Boutique Hotels in Paris.
educational tour london paris reviews

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Our tour guide didn't handle in a professional way our experience of the terrorist attack in Paris or when a child had a stomachache. We were travelers, in an unknown city, now separated and lost from our party with no idea where we were going! Which Paris hotels are on sale? The food was mostly bland, but there were a couple good places! She educated us on the different cultural norms, encouraged our curiosity about European ways of life, and warned us that we may not get to eat what we're used to. Eiffel Tower advance tickets, do I need to wait in line? I spoke with Jen, who from Boston told me that everything had been handled, the kids all had individual telephone conversations with Fernanda, nothing had happened, everyone has been notified and everything is fine.

educational tour london paris reviews