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Reasons for using document analysis. Document analysis is a useful method to investigate: The main disadvantages of document analysis are: it is not.
Advantages & Disadvantages of Analysing Written Documents for the Purposes of Research. C:\ Documents and Settings\QuayumA\Desktop\Carol.
Pros/ Cons Chart. Proposition (stated positively): All students involved in extra- curricular activities should participate in mandatory drug testing.

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Documents get misfiled, left on people's desks for long periods or simply just do not get fully completed at all. Further advantages of using documents in research include the fact that such research is relatively low cost, particularly when the documents are easily accessible and already located in your workplace, or on the internet. People will also be affected by how you conduct yourself and how they perceive you. Documents vary a great deal in quality, often related to the perceived importance of recording certain information, but some types of document can be extremely detailed and yield much more information than you could hope to gain from a questionnaire or interview. They are discussed below: I have read so many posts on the topic of the.

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