Containers come test pilot

containers come test pilot

Test Pilot experiment for Firefox Containers. Contribute to testpilot - containers development by creating an account on GitHub.
Mozilla launched the Containers TestPilot experiment to gather data on usage. The data will certainly play a role when it comes to making a.
Contain yourselves! Create different containers for each of your online lives - your work self, your social self, your personal self - to stay organized and maintain...

Containers come test pilot - travel Seoul

The biggest issue with using Activities has always been that browsers know nothing about them, so when clicking a link in any application, it was opened in the most recently active browser window - no matter which activity it was on. I would pay actual money to help get a feature like that into Chromium or Firefox. There is a feature called First Party Isolation that I think does what you want for normal tabs, and can already be enabled through about:config. No partisanship arguments or baiting. Check out the Browser Toolbox for more information about debugging add-on code. Ya coulda used cans, bottles, flask, vat, pot, vessel, tub,... You can also subscribe without commenting.

containers come test pilot

The following GitHub issue tracks that feature request. The concept remains containers come test pilot, and it's a pity. Ya coulda used cans, bottles, flask, vat, pot, vessel, tub. Containers work by adding an extra bit — a userContextId integer — to the normal scheme, host, port tuple that defines an origin. The choice of container is no more or no less complicated than the choice of profile for links in external programs or within Firefox. Tab Groups was focused on tabs. Developer Edition comes tuned for web developer's needs and with a custom theme. These are the main releases for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, FxOS, and iOS. Check out this issue on GitHub:. I'm not sure if we can have a different theme for each container. And yours is done right - all the data sent is properly described and observable.

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  • Report misuse of Mozilla brands! So if you have a bookmark for Twitter, and you want that to open in the Personal Container always, have a dropdown in the bookmark for Twitter with the following options:.
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  • Before I kept FB in it's own Browser, which was annoying.
  • One of the main differences is that containers run under the same profile.