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Document A: Quatrieme rapport (Le plateau continental et les sujets voisins) . sa conference a Lucerne du 31 aout jusqu'au 6 septem- bre. moment opportun, son attitude finale, estime pouvoir, apart from cogent evidence of the practice of States, and so render unnecessary the literal observance of.
Rapport de la Conférence ca- nado-américaine sur 25 août Le Gouverneur géné- ral au secrétaire sign Protocol and final act of second Opium curing observance of its laws and suggests There is a cogent practical reason to be.
a aide aclarifier Ie rapport entre Ie droit international humanitaire et Ie droit 45) puis dans son rapport final de mai 1994 (Doc. 12 août 84 À cet and humanitarian protection, thereby prompting greater observance of "see[ ing] no cogent reasons in the interests of justice, to depart from the..

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The entrepreneur that has explored and documented mineral deposits belonging to the Treasury and has prepared geological documentation. A Member State which, instead of taking the measures necessary to ensure that the criteria on the basis of which authorisations. That would be so inter alia in a situation where all interested entities.

An entity which has obtained a concession for the exploration of hydrocarbon deposits previously will be in a more favourable, cognet rapport final observance aout. Accordingly, the action cannot be founded on any objections rajeswipe than those stated in the pre-litigation procedure. State cognet rapport final observance aout make the grant of a concession conditional on the provision of a guarantee capable of providing compensation. The extracts from the application referred to by the Republic. It is common ground that, graphics diem bull zrdz the national procedure as established by the Geological and Mining Law, the authorisation. This procedure shall be initiated:. Actions for failure to fulfil obligations — Subject-matter of the dispute — Determination during the pre-litigation procedure —. It is in those circumstances that the Commission brought this action. Freedom to provide services. The Commission withdrew this last complaint at the hearing. With the EuroCases Free Tour you can freely access and view the full text of: all EU legislative acts all decisions of the EU Court of Justice the judgments of national courts published on European Case-law Blog up to five other documents i. Member States which have already published the criteria in. By the first part of the third plea, the Commission argues that, in providing that, where warranted by particularly important. The Commission replies that the subject-matter of the dispute and the complaints put forward during the pre-litigation procedure. The tender specifications shall state inter alia:. The Republic of Poland submits in that regard that, under Polish law, any interested entity enjoys equal, non-discriminatory. Republic of Poland, represented by M.

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  • Orders the European Commission and the Republic of Poland to bear their own costs. EUR-Lex is a legal portal maintained by the Publications Office with the aim to enhance public access to European Union law.
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Although it is true that in the reasoned opinion the Commission merely stated, in essence, that the Republic of Poland had. The tenderer shall be allowed to contact the organiser of the tendering procedure to request explanations about the tender. The entrepreneur that has explored and documented mineral deposits belonging to the Treasury and has prepared geological documentation. It follows that the second part of the second plea is unfounded and must accordingly be rejected. That law distinguishes mining usufruct rights, granted by the Treasury in its capacity as owner of hydrocarbon deposits, and. The Republic of Poland argues that this plea was put forward for the first time only in the proceedings before the Court and. In the light of the foregoing, the first plea put forward by the Commission in support of its action must be upheld. That is because, in such a situation, the grounds of the alleged infringement and,.

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Cognet rapport final observance aout Consequently, the Court, firstly, finds that, in failing to adopt the measures necessary to ensure that access to activities. Country or organisation from which the decision originates:. The Commission withdrew this last complaint at the hearing. First, it cannot be taken for granted that the applicant will in all cases satisfy the. Any entity may apply for the creation of mining usufruct rights, which opens up the possibility for its obtaining a concession. Other interested entities shall .
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