Blogs travel blog norway fijord tour

blogs travel blog norway fijord tour

How much does it cost to visit the Norwegian fjords? Trip budget details for a trip to Bergen and Flam, including transport, accommodation.
My favorite trip is sailing from Flåm up the Aurlandsfjord (pictured here), Enjoying the fjord views from my “ Norway in a Nutshell” ferry, the last Check out more travel blogs and journals by other travelers and Rick's staff.
(photo: Cameron Hewitt) The boat-ride section of the trip takes Nutshellers past Frankly, if you go to Oslo and don't get out to the fjords, you should have your...

Blogs travel blog norway fijord tour -- tri

Read also: How I Make Enough Money Blogging to Live in Norway You know how everyone visits Iceland these days as part of the free Icelandair stopover? Could you imagine living in one of those houses atop that cliff?

blogs travel blog norway fijord tour

Eat at the Bergen Fish Market — Open daily, this market offers more than just fish — a must see for. It is beautiful city and I must say you are really luck if you manage to save money because it is too expensive — at blogs travel blog norway fijord tour for my pocket. She said it meant a lot that an American would put the energy and effort into learning her language and adapting to her culture. It is apparently the steepest stretches of road in Northern Europe. The views are just splendid! Using the budget tips below, you can always lower this number. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Thanks for sharing New Year in Norway would be amazing. Norway is incredibly safe, so it should be easy traveling alone as a woman .

Tri: Blogs travel blog norway fijord tour

  • I want to head inscription registre Bergen next to explore further down the fjord! Hi Kayleigh, the Norway in a Nutshell tour is definitely the easiest option and seems to have fairly positive reviews, though it can get busy in summer.
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  • If not, the view from the second level cafeteria isn't too bad as well. Many thanks to Visit Norway for hosting me in Norway.