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Music | News, 52% | 24 Aug 2016 IN THE FIRST PART OF A WORLD EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW IN THE .. Now Record Store Gay has become an important event in its own right. .. Love them or despise them, there's no denying that blogger faves The Story of Damo: Hot Press meets Damien Dempsey.
One of our favourite clients in here are Damo & Ivor. We look after all their live touring dates and we really love doing those gigs. They've been.
Music | News, 89% | 19 May 2016 the new video for his track ​'Real Long Distance' in his blog. . In an exclusive interview, on the 10th anniversary of his death, his A new book of real-life short stories will raise money for Concern's The most unlikely blind date since Mork and Mindy, Damo and Ivor....

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Recovering The Promise Of A Real Republic. The Headline Act Column: Monsters Of Rock.

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  • Because when Northern Ireland says so, it must be true. Events mandeladay gallery for charity — it was a new one on us.
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Even better than the Real thing. LIVE REVIEW: Dimensions festival in Croatia. How did IOYOU become the biggest boyband on the planet? NICK KELLY met lynchpin TOM BARMAN to talk about love, loss and famous Belgians. Of these five tracks, he hits the mark twice. It was credited to the band's driving force and lead singer and lyricist, Bob Geldof. She's best known as the Pixies' sugar-voiced bassist, but now KIM DEAL is back with her latest Breeders record. As the divine St.

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But because a pleasure-focussed sub-culture is involved, no one gives a damn that the rights of the owners of the shops are being trampled on. Pared down to just voice and piano, it still manages to pack more of an emotional punch than the rest of the records on this page put together. Thoughts from Cuckoo HQ. Are they genuine punks or just an amped-up, radio-friendly version of the real thing? Ninety years since the tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered, a blockbuster exhibition, viewed by nearly two million visitors across Europe to date, will bring the story to an Irish audience.